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Bright new clothes shop brings a 'a bit of glam' to Freeman Street By Mark Naylor  |  Posted: February 18, 2017 Lisa Barney, owner of Beau's Lounge, Grimsby. Bright new clothes shop brings a 'a bit of glam' to Freeman Street A new women's clothes shop has opened in Grimsby to bring "a bit of glam" to the area – and it has already made a "brilliant" start. Lisa Barney is well known at Freeman Street market, where she has run a popular market stall for about three years. But now she has opened Beau's Lounge on a busy area of Freeman Street itself – and is pleased with the amount of interest already being shown. "We have been doing well at the market so we thought: Why not do a bit better here and get a bit more foot trade?" said Mrs Barney. "I want to bring something a bit more different and a bit of glam. "We have got a brilliant location, with passing trade, hairdressers that are always busy and with being at the back of Asda. "The bus stops in the perfect place for people to see us. We have had an absolutely brilliant first day."

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